July 09, 2002 - 10:56 am

i have hermione (her-my-oh-knee) hair.

it gets wavy in some parts and stays straight in others but no matter what, it's frizzy.

today, it's very frizzy.

i think there might be some sort of conspiracy going down at work. see, the head honcho always brings me food. I don't know, i don't completely get it. i'm spoiled i guess. but today he offered food to the temporary employee we just hired a couple of weeks ago.

she's a blonde. she is really nice though.

she used to work at victoria secret. mm-hmm!

her boobs aren't that much bigger than mine though.

anyhow, i will not tolerate her taking first pick of the food pile. I am the alpha female here. I get first pick and i will defend my position at all costs. if i have to go on an office tirade and thrash branches around and sling my poo at her then so be it. as long as i make it clear that i get first pick.

bo has been suggesting that i get "property of bo" tattooed on my ass. i like him a lot. i think i might actually do it.

BUA HA HA HA HA HA HA! please, bo is living in a fantasy world!

he also said something unbelievably corny yesterday, to which i responded.


bo: what do you mean "no"?

me: no, that wasn't a good line.

bo: what are you talking about that was fucking romantic?!

and then i laughed at him.

i've also started talking like him. i'm using phrases like "that's a hell of a thing" and shouting non-sensical words when i see a police car. he wouldn't admit it but he's talking like me too. he's already starting to warm up to a few of my phrases such as "you're so conceited claire" and "a lotta bit" (as opposed to "a little bit"). ha!

one time when i was about to kiss him i put my mouth over his nose and blew air in. heh heh.

and i'm always pretending to be mad at him and then when he starts apologizing really bad, i laugh in his face! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! i KILL me!

i'm constantly asking him to stand near water with me and then i push him and catch him right before he falls. heh heh.

he tries to be sly and says "look over there" and then grabs food off my plate. i don't say "look over there" i just take it off his.

i think i can eat him under the table.


i do eat more than him though, especially when it comes to breakfast.

the other night i put on one of my cd's and danced around my bedroom in my pj's as if i were alone while he sat and watched me from the bed.

he thinks i should write about how i go almost EVERYWHERE in my pj's. i am the founder of the pajama's diaryring and i should live up to that reputation. i do, trust me i do. when he asks me if i want to go eat somewhere, the first words out of my mouth are usually "can i wear my pajamas?".

he can keep me laughing for 30 minutes straight just by acting like a dork. i make him laugh too, by making stupid snide remarks.

sometimes i feel like i'm dating a male version of myself. this is good and bad. but mostly good.

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