July 12, 2002 - 1:42 pm

i started singing 'rapper's delight' while i was stuffing envelopes today and you know what? MY BOSS STARTED SINGING ALONG!

i'm not joking he joined in on the "ho-tel, mo-tel, holiday in (say what?) said if your girl starts acting up then you take her friend. EVERYBODY! HIP-HOP-HIPIT..."

pretty soon he was doing the rap parts and i was the back up singer! i was a little annoyed that he stole my spotlight, i mean he's already my fucking boss, but seriously now. does he have to prove that he's better at EVERYTHING??? i dont think so.

anyhow, i was enjoying it, i was into it. feeling the flow, my "say wha-at" was getting better and better. and then someone else joined in! and then another and another and a sister and a brother. pretty soon the entire law firm was rapping along.

okay, well not really. i made that last paragraph up. except the part where i said i was enjoying it. that part is true.

so today i was singing the "diamonds are a girls best friend-reprise". the one that nicole kidman sings when she's coming out of the stage during "Spectacular, Spectacular". i was in the bathroom and i was practicing (yeah, practicing. so WHAT?) in front of the mirror when someone walked in on me.

she acted like she didn't see me with my hands in a graceful "X" in front of my face, but she did. i know she did. so i waited until she walked in the stall and then i pretended to walk out and shut the door and you know what? i heard her laughing in the stall while she was peeing. no joke. i felt a little silly.

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