July 18, 2002 - 11:37 pm

i took the day off of work today so that i could get some "errands" done.

"errands"=fart around town and get stuff that i probably could get done on the weekend done.

okay, now this may sound like a retarded thought, but that really shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you...


if i were to ever be on david letterman i think i would just go out wearing a pair of jeans and a black shirt.

is that too casual? i mean natalie portman practically wore her prom dress when she went on. would it be bad if i showed up in jeans?

i mean, it's not like they would be fucking, L.E.I or Anchor Blue or anything cheapo like that. I'd get me some fancy Filthmart jeans. i'd make sure that i spent at least $150 on my jeans, because that's what superstars do.

but my t-shirt would probably just be a simple black fitted shirt from banana republic or something like that.

here's the thing though, i'd make sure to have really funky shoes. probably some specially made puma's or something hip like that.

david would be really surprised at how witty i am. i would use big words so he would be impressed by my genius. but at the same time i'd be really loud and silly.

i think it would be a really good show.

oh and i would talk about my diary. but i wouldn't say what the name was and everyone would be like "oh my god! her life is online and she is super famous! i have to find that diary!" but you know what? no one would be able to find it, because i reveal a completely different side of myself in my diary, so they would never figure it out.

meanwhile, you all would be reading a diary of a cool chick named "annie" who lives in chicago not knowing that she is a famous superstar.

doesn't that sound cool?

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