July 24, 2002 - 11:09 am

with all the humour that i've been writing lately as proof, i'd be silly to say that i'm not really happy right now. right?

and even though i'm a silly girl, i have to admit that i am happy.

i've fallen in love. i've fallen in love with one of the bestest friends i've ever known.

we don't agree on everything and i'd be lying if i said we didn't argue about things.

but there is no one else i would rather argue with. no one else.

we play jokes on eachother to see how gullible the other one is. we watch rap videos together and though we're often just sizing up who's hot and who's not, every once in awhile, we get up and dance along.

he chases me around his apartment and stands at the doorway of his bathroom to talk to me while i'm getting ready.

almost everytime i take my clothes off his hands shoot up and smack his forehead because he's so shocked by my nakedness.

he's relentless and he tries to annoy me by poking me repeatedly and saying "does that annoy you?" over and over again.

i've never dated another man who can make me laugh this hard, sometimes i laugh for so long that my face hurts if i stop smiling.

and the snuggling is good.

for some odd reason i always want to hold his hands when he's spooning me. i can't get enough of his hands. they're definitely one of my favorite things about him, even though i've never told him that.

he's very smart, he's taught me a lot. i think i've taught him a lot too. we deserve eachother.

sometimes when one of us is describing something, especially about our past relationships and mistakes we've made, we can relate to eachother or connect on a level that i never knew before. we can put the other one's thoughts into words.

i never get tired of saying "i love you", sometimes i think i'm saying it too much and he's going to get tired of hearing it.

he has these green eyes that are so sweet. he has thick brown lashes that curl up slightly at the corners of his eyes. he has perfect eyes, at least perfect to me.

at times, i feel like we're opposites, but neither of us are a "certain way". Roles, characteristics and point of views are often switched. no matter what though it all balances out.

i'm very lucky to know him and even more lucky to love him.

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