July 31, 2002 - 2:10 pm

while i was making my maple and brown sugar malt-o-meal this morning i noticed this bag of licorice ropes sitting on the counter. now, everyone pretty much knows that this is a public counter. if something is left on here that means anyone can take it. so i grabbed a rope. maybe about a foot long.

i chewed on it while my malt-o-meal cooked and my jaw was hurting by the time the microwaved beeped at me. i managed to finish the licorice before i started eating the malt-o-meal, which is good, because no one likes licorice with their malt-o-meal. at least no one i know.

a couple hours later i was in the kitchen again and i grabbed another piece of licorice. it was about 18 inches long. i sat at my desk and just put one end in my mouth and managed to eat the whole rope without touching it with my hands (i know, i'm talented). a few people walked by and thought it was funny, but i really didn't see anything that funny about. i'm just sitting here, minding my own business.

after lunch it looked like there were two more ropes left so i grabbed one and as it turns out, it was just one rope. because i'm way too lazy to cut the licorice, i just took the whole rope. i tied it around my neck and attempted to eat it without hands again. it was only a matter of time before the licorice knot got tighter and tighter around my neck. the whole time i'm thinking, 'this is so cool. i could like die in my office right now, because i couldn't stop eating licorice'.

needless to say, this last rope of licorice was about 2 1/2 feet long. so, 2 and a half plus 1 and a half is 4ft of licorice, plus the first piece of licorice that i had, so that's 5 ft of licorice.

and a couple of minutes ago i was just wondering why my stomach was hurting. i think it might be that i've had too much licorice, but i'm not sure.

the point is i dont feel good and i have no one to whine to, so i decided to write about it here and make you guys listen. and you did. tee hee.

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