August 06, 2002 - 2:13 pm

so i went to blockbuster last night where i met "jeremy".

"jeremy" is exactly the reason why i'll date dorks and even nerds but not geeks.

"jeremy" was the king of all geeks folks. KING. OF. ALL. GEEKS.

you know how i know this? because he dragged me down a little too.

at the time when i walked into blockbuster i was oozing hip flava and when i walked out, i was a little geekier, because of jeremy.

now, no offense to you lord of the rings fans, believe me, i liked the movie too, but i just wasn't planning on pre-ordering it.

well, if i paid for the movie yesterday, then i pre-ordered it, didn't i?

see, blockbuster had that promo deal where if you bought your copy of lord of the rings early for $2 you could get a card for 10 free rentals.

"that's limited to one free rental per week and you have up to 2 years to use the card."

how could i say no? that's a great deal.

so i now have a copy of lord of the rings waiting for me at blockbuster. i probably won't even watch it anytime soon.

last night, i also had a very cool dinner. i made macaroni and cheese but it was the special "blue's clue's" kind. which means that i had blue pawprint pasta.

all that food coloring must be what turned my poo green, huh?


blah. i can't be as happy as i'd like to be right now. i need a nap and some food and my bed. but not in that order.


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