August 14, 2002 - 9:47 am

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January 14th

i hate needles with a purple passion. i cry, i kick and i scream to avoid any type of injection or blood withdrawal. if i do have to have some sort of shot, i tend to faint or go into convulsions. needle-ss to say(ha ha!), i'm not a needle person. i can't even watch someone getting a shot on tv. my old roommate, natalie, knew all about this fear. i would always cover my eyes and have her tell me when it was over, otherwise i probably would have passed out, seriously.

so when flu shot season comes around i basically depend on the responsibility of those around me. in other words, i hope that everyone else gets a shot so that their immunities prevent them from getting the flu, thus keeping the flu from finding it's way to me.

i do this every year. i refuse to get a flu shot, that is. i make sure and ask everyone that i come into contact with if they've gotten their flu shots yet. pretty much i attempt to build a human wall of immunity around me with those people who aren't afraid to get flu shots.

well, here is the thing that i've discovered. FLU SHOTS DON'T FUCKING WORK.

you want to know why? because this year everyone that got a flu shot not only got the flu, but passed it on to me.

so much for my human flu protective fort.


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