August 15, 2002 - 9:41 am

alright readers, you want the truth?

the truth is all that fucking shit that you are made to believe in movies is fake. really fake. there is nothing in life that even comes close to the romance and love you see there. in fact, in real life, relationships are the opposite. you get fucked over, that's just the way it is.

it's all just a test to see how much anyone can take from someone else. every fight or argument is just a test to see if you love the other person enough to put up with it.

there is no real fucking love. it's shit. there is no such thing.

and you can bet your fucking ass that just when you think you might be on the right track something is going to happen to turn your whole world upside down.

just when you start to smell flowers and hear the birds sing, you're going to trip on a rock and slice your leg open.

then you have to go the rest of the way with a wound and things will never be good. you'll probably have to crawl.

but its not just me. everyone is fucking crawling, everyone is trying to believe in this fake made up concept called "love". it's not there. it's like god.

so people keep trying. why not? if everyone is crawling and everyone is getting hurt then it must just be normal this way. getting your heart ripped out by people you care about must just be a part of life.

and it is.

so we might as well go on. but the sooner you accept that there is no such thing as love, the better off you'll be.

you'll know that those sweet smelling flowers and those birds singing are fucking mirages. ignore them, just go about your way. look at the ground instead and make sure you don't trip on any more rocks or that you don't slice those wounds you carry even more.

fuck love. there is no such thing.

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