August 27, 2002 - 10:53 am

this week our lead secretary had to fly out to kentucky to go take care of her mom.

do you know what that means?


now, if you followed the link above you may have noticed that i didn't have much appreciation for lead secretary. that, however, has changed.

she is so good at keeping tabs on david (head honcho) he's always exactly where his calendar says he is when she's here.

right now, i think he's supposed to be on a conference call, but i think he's downstairs buying cigarettes.

yup, that's how well i'm doing this job.

i've been on the phone so much that i usually don't see when he leaves until it's too late to scream out "hey! where are you going?".

usually i catch him just in time to wave goodbye at his back.

you know what though? i was stressing about this all last week and now i don't care. i mean, david is pretty much laughing about it too. see, it's funny, me sucking at my job is funny.

today, i'm having lunch with roger at this hoity toity restaurant. see, he's moving back to the bay area this weekend(wahhhhhhhhhh!!!! my best friend is moving away!) which means he's going to be like 3 hours away now. so we decided to splurge and go to the fancy restaurant that we used always walk by on our way to Subway.

roger and i are having lunch with a bunch of suits.

i like to embarass roger.

i'll let you know how it goes.

my first plan is to peruse the menu and then ask the waitor if they have mac and cheese. when the waitor says no, i'm going to ask him if he has "tab sody-pop". followed by "what about strawberry jello with bananas?" i'm going to do this until roger's face turns red and he begs me to stop.

second plan is to show him my new ultra cool toe nailpolish over the table.

third plan is to make him sing "i'm super! thanks for asking" by big gay al from south park, with me.

fourth plan is to strike up a conversation about "donkey punching", "felching", and "rainbow kissing" over our flavored ice teas.

i'll let you know how it goes.

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