August 29, 2002 - 4:39 pm

let me tell you what i can't do.

i can't drive down tomorrow night to spend the weekend with my cousin if i'm peeing every 15 minutes.

my pee is reddish orange. that's kind of cool, i guess.

i think i may just have to leave on saturday morning instead.

i know my boyfriend will say "yay!" to that. what i will have to explain to my boyfriend though, is that i'm not about to drive two hours to go see him, when i have to pee every 15 minutes either!

assuming i pee before i get in my car and as soon as i get to his apartment, that's 7 stops for peeing.

not happening.

on a happier note, i just found out that one of my favorite southern california fast food chains exists in northern california as well.

sure i have to drive half an hour to get there, but so what. who hasn't driven half an hour for fast food?

none of you?

oh. well. hmm.

anyhow, that fast food chain is el pollo loco! that's right folks! the crazy chicken! it's soooooooo yummy!

now, although this chain originated in Mexico, the first american franchise opened in none other than Los Angeles, California in 1980.

when i was a little girl my daddy used to go there and bring us the family pack and it came with chicken, pinto beans, rice, corn on the cob and tortillas. yu-mmy!

you know it just occured to me that you guys might not care about this as much as i do...hmm.

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