September 17, 2002 - 8:35 am

in addition to many other weird things that i do, sometimes i ramble subconsciously.

this weekend i did it in front of my boyfriend and ended up saying too much.

see, i always tell him these stories of when i was a little girl. i had an amazing childhood and i have so many great memories about growing up in the suburbs of los angeles.

anyhow, we were sitting there on the couch, i think we were watching "pleasantville" and i start talking about how i used to love watching the New Mickey Mouse Club when i was little.

i liked the show so much that when some of the mouseketeers started a pop group, my eleven year old mind went nuts.

the group was called "The Party" does anyone else remember them? anyhow, i was in love with damon pampolina but my favorite member was none other than, deedee magno.

she was so pretty and she had this super pretty long hair and i wanted to be her. plus she wasn't white, which i was happy i could identify with. she was filipina, which isn't brown like me, but eh, close enough.

i had her bio memorized.

so last week i got a little curious and decided to find out what deedee is doing with her life now. i didn't think any of the other members would be doing anything of significance, but i had a feeling that my best friend deedee was making something of herself.

sure enough, she'd been playing the role of "kim" in miss saigon the past few years.

i thought this was interesting because lea salonga, another filipina singer who i admire very much has also played the role of "kim" in miss saigon.

so that was what i meant to tell my boyfriend. that i thought it was a cool coincidence that i really like both of these girls voices and they both ended up playing the same role.

but i kept going for some reason. we were sitting there huddled on the couch and i just kept talking.

annie: and i remember when i read her bio it said that her parents took her to a voice coach when she was a little girl, but the coach like refused to give her lessons because he said he wouldn't want to try to improve her one in a million voice and i always wanted my mom to take me to a voice coach and for him to tell my mom that he wouldn't give me lessons because he didn't want to try to improve my one in a million voice.



he laughed at me. that mofo laughed at me! then he went on to say something along the lines of "well honey, you're voice is one in a million if you think about it". can you believe that mother scratcher?

it was then that i realized that i had actually told him something really dorky about my childhood and then i was embarassed and i farted.

that's right, i farted but he didn't hear it, and my butt was aimed right at his stomach and i farted on him. HA! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW BI-ATCH?

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