September 22, 2002 - 11:06 am

i'm all moved into my new apartment. well, mostly. but i am all moved out of my old apartment! that has to count for something.

so now i'm on the third floor and everything looks different. i think i'm a better person even because, you know, i'm like above everyone else.

well, actually not really.

the sole purpose of this entry is because i've been dying to tell someone that when i flush the toilet, in addition to the flushing sound it moans like a dying animal.

at first i was really scared, but now i'm getting used to it and more recently i've started pointing to the toilet right before it moans. (it's always right on cue).

i think the next thing i'm going to do is make a sad face in the mirror everytime my toilet wails.

ohmygod! it's like moaning myrtle in harry potter! that is so cool!

i can't wait to tell all my friends. "dude, you know how when someone takes really long in the bathroom and you're like 'dude, did you like fall in or what?' well, i think it really happened in my toilet. i think someone died there. sa-weet, huh?"

by the way, i don't really talk like that.

my first night here, when i first noticed the toilet sound, i got really scared and for the next few times i had to use the restroom i ran down the stairs to my old apartment on the first floor.

yeah, i get freaked out a little too easy sometimes.

one time i watched a special on spontaneous human combustion and i swore i would be the next to fry. i'm not joking, i was seconds away from sleeping in my bathtub. -oh wait, i forgot to mention, i had also smoked a lot of weed that night. pfft, details.

oh! on another completely unrelated note, i think, uh, my friend got one of those red light tickets where you run the light and the camera takes your snapshot. does anyone know how to get out of those, for, er, my friend? my friend really needs help because my friend is kind of broke as it is. but don't worry, my friend's not me or anything.

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