September 24, 2002 - 2:00 pm

i love my mom.

do you love your mom? if you don't, it's probably because she's not like my mom.

my mom is the best mom on earf.

i got a package and a letter from her today. in that package i received:

1. Tricopilia-Guava paste/jelly from Costa Rica.

2. A red backpack/bag that she sewed for me and put a little costa rican flag on the bottom.

3. 4 cans of tuna

that's right, 4 CANS OF TUNA.

see, they have this tuna in costa rica that comes with stuff in it. it's not just plain old american tuna, it's like tuna times 100 (but don't ask me what that is, because i can't do maf).

how can i put this? let's say if american tuna is Bill and Hillary doing it, then Costa Rican tuna is Pamela and Tommy Lee

AND Kid Rock. does that clarify?

my personal favorite is "atun con vegetales" (tuna with vegetables) it comes in this sauce with peas and carrots in it. i know it sounds gross, but its really not, it's quite yummy.

so today i got a can of 'tuna with vegetables', 'tuna with sweet corn' (not so sure about this one), 'tuna with garbanzos' and 'tuna with garlic'.

oh, and in case you were wondering, the mayonaise in costa rica is all flavored with lemon. its more difficult to find plain mayonaise.

now, how many of you were actually wondering about costa rican mayonaise?

yes, well, your welcome. i'm glad i could help.

where was i?

ahh, yes:

TUNA!?! isn't my mom AWESOME?

she is, for the most part, but sometimes she gets a little out of hand.

i can't say that i like something around my mother because you can bet your sweet ass she'll send me about 600 in the mail the following week.

sound crazy?

you don't know the half of it until you've received 6 packs of marshmallow peeps and 36 Cadbury eggs because you happened to tell your little sister that you thought they were "okay". (this was when they still lived in the U.S., i don't know how popular cadbury eggs and marshmallow peeps are in costa rica, sorry).

but at any rate, my mom is a nutcase and i love her to absolute bits and i can't wait to have kids so that i can send them tuna in the mail as well.

oh, yes i will.

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