September 30, 2002 - 10:32 pm

i'm updating from home instead of work, yay!

but because my computer sucks, my "enter" key keeps getting stuck, boo.

you guys, i need to graduate from college. i mean, for real.

see, i never really graduated. i didn't do a paper. i had an incomplete in a class and instead of finishing up that paper they let me graduate without the required paper in the required class.


actually i'm the sucker, because i went to college for four years and i'm paying back all my loans but i have no diploma.

yeah, jokes on me. jokes on me and it's not funny.

i hate writing papers. so i'm going to ask you for help.

if anyone has an 8-10 page paper written on a 'controversial' topic in which you present both sides but don't take one, i'd really love it if you emailed it to me.

you know, just so i could get some ideas...

i wouldn't really copy your paper. that's plagiarism and that's illegal, and other than in the privacy of mine and my boyfriends bedrooms, i don't engage in illegal activities.

hey! it's between GOD AND ME! remember?

speaking of er, God, 'Circuit' came out last weekend. oh yes, lots of unbelievably hot gay men. get your jizz towels ready folks, annie is going to the theater and she may have a better understanding for PeeWee Herman's plight when she leaves.

not really.

eli was going to come over tonight because he got off work so early, but decided not to because i didn't have any paxil for him. i told him he left some at my house but he said i gave it back to him when we got in a fight a long time ago. i don't seem to remember this story. tell me if this sounds familiar, maybe he wrote about it in his diary:

eli: you threw my pills at me. and you called me a "headfuck-fuckhead".

annie: i did?

eli: yes, you threw them at me and those little bubble packets can hurt if the corner hits you.

annie: i don't remember this, what else happened?

eli: well, then you pulled out a mallot and smashed my penis.

annie: really??? wow, this must have been in quite a fit of rage.

eli: yeah and then you poured lighter fluid on it. you poured lighter fluid on my poor crunched penis.

annie: that's so weird. i dont remember any of this.

eli: it was a bad day.

or maybe i just put it in a bag when i was giving him back his stuff that he had left at my house....nahhh, i think his story is right.

last week at work we had our "birthday's" celebration. we do it every month and everyone gets together and sings happy birthday to the dopes who were born in that month. so today we sang happy birthday to the september dopes.

i was pretty excited because i made it through a work event without embarassing myself too bad. i got yelled at once because i kept walking by the tv to refill my plate, but that's about as bad as it got.

it was a "sports" theme, which i thought was super lame. we fucking at pizza bagels for chrissakes. who's idea was this?

(by the way, if you're at a company party and you think it sucks, don't say "man, who's idea was this anyhow?" chances are the person who thought it up is sitting right next to you).

so, i decided that for the next party we're going to get all estrogeny since this one was all testosterony. instead of "sports" it's going to be a "slumber party".

as party favors we're going to have nail polish and hairspray and we're going to do each others toenails and hair.

instead of eating stupid ass pizza bagels we're going to eat bon-bons and russian teacakes.

instead of watching a recording of the raiders game, we're going to watch the slumber party scene in 'grease' over and over again.

and if one person complains then i'm going to throw their underwear in the freezer and put make up all over them when they fall asleep.

who wants to come to my party?

dude, st. louise laughed at my entries you guys! st.motherfuckinglouise that's huge right there. HUGE.

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