October 01, 2002 - 1:23 pm

ignore me. i have nothing interesting to say. I'm just trying to kill time.

"smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh noooooooooooo".

so my mom and dad bought a business. my mom is making little arts and crafty things. its a tiny little business, but i'm still really happy that my parents are finally living out their dream.

i must say though, i was a little confused last time i talked to my mom. she said that she and my dad have been having arguments lately. i guess my dad, the most macho latino male on earth, has sucked up his pride and started making little crafty things with my mother.

there's trouble in paradise, people.

see the problem is my dad, much like me, never sucks up his pride. i'm positive that at this very moment, my father, instead of being humble and trying to learn how to make a christmas wreath with some ribbon and a hot glue gun, is lecturing my mom on proper usage of lace or something like that. he's a control freak and he doesn't like being in situations where he isn't the most knowledgeable person.

sound familiar, eli?

heh heh, just kidding. hey, they say you end up with a man who reminds you of your father, i guess it's true. actually to be honest, i'm just as bad as my dad

i know hard to believe, isn't it?

anyhow, so i'm a little amused by the little craftshop power struggle. i mean, i can't believe my dad is getting so frustrated with my mom. she's been doing this for years. i've never met a woman that does more girly stuff than my mom, she made us clothes, she bakes us cakes, she puts little lacy baskets in our rooms. you know, shit like that.

and here comes my dad, the man who said to me just last week on the phone "fixing cars is mans business. i'm sure if you and ela (eli) cook, it's mostly you doing the work, because it's womans work".

apparently my dad has had a drastic change of heart when it comes to "gender roles" in the past week and doing crafty stuff with lace and ribbons now falls under "mans work".

another thing that bothers me about my parents. they cant pronounce my freakin boyfriends name. it's not that hard "EEE-LYE". yet for some reason, both of them still insist on calling him "EEE-LAH". see my mom doesn't listen to me. whenever i call her she is yelling over me half the time, so i figure she can't pronounce it because she, well, she just doesn't hear me over her own screaming. but now my dad is calling him "eee-lah" too?

i think i'm just going to start calling him that too. its so much easier to change my own habits than to try to force my parents out of theirs. they're not even that old. my dad is just stubborn as all git out and my mom is a mile-a-minute person who has the attention span of a 2 year old. having conversation with my dad is useless if he disagrees with you. and talking to my mom is useless if whatever you have to say takes longer than 30 seconds. we've resorted to hand gestures and yelps in my family. it's the only way of getting through to eachother. i know it sounds primitive but its just what we gotta do, people.

you can start worrying when we start picking at eachothers hair and eating louses.

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