October 07, 2002 - 10:19 am

this is me.

i'm a rock.

i can't forgive, i've never been good at it.

i have some of the highest expectations of people than anyone else i know. i come down hard on everyone, but hardest on myself.

i have enemies. i have people who hate how often i express my opinion. i don't hold back, i'm blunt and oftentimes very insensitive.

"you would have made a better man"

i'm thin. fairly thin, in some spots. i have tiny shoulders and a slender face. and i wear glasses. i look weak.

but there is so much person trapped in this body. from the way i carry myself, the way i always have something to say, the way i argue, the way i can be insensitive and apathetic, the way i laugh too loud; you would think i'd have come in different packaging.

my personality is more that of a lumberjacks. on the outside i look small. on the inside, i'm huge.

sometimes i like being this way, i have a strong presence. sometimes i hate it and wish i acted more like i looked.


on a lighter note, this weekend i fell in love with another part of my boyfriend.

his boxer briefs.

goddamnit! why didn't anyone tell me that these things were so freaking comfortable! i'm never wearing underwear again, from now on it's boxer briefs for me.

see, i had to do laundry and i was out of undywears so i snagged some of his boxer briefs. from the moment i slipped those bad boys on i was in heaven. no really, it was like heaven, cotton heaven. on my crotch.

it's like wearing really comfortable short fitted shorts but without a seam that rides up your butt. i wore and then decided to steal eli's undywears and tonight, i'm going to wash them by hand so that i can wear them again tomorrow. i love them so much!

does this make me a crossdresser? i'm planning and going out and buying some more.

i think i'll go on amazon and make a christmas wish list and ask for all manner of boxer briefs.


i'm an awesome girlfriend.

no really.

see last night, my boyfriend was telling me how much he hates it when people say "you rock my socks". he absolutely cannot stand it.

which is why i am currently going to sign his guestbook and tell him how much his diary rocks my socks.

i encourage everyone to go and do the same. tee hee!

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