October 28, 2002 - 8:57 am

so it looks like i might be moving to (as eli would say) the "sucka free".

that's san francisco, guys.

my second interview on friday went well, despite the fact that i've been an emotional wreck for the past week. now i have kind of a third informal interview on saturday just to meet with one more guy.

interviewing is great and all, but i'm really kinda tired of the whole blow job aspect of it.

i got to see a lot of my extended family this weekend and lucky eli got to meet most of them.

i think he's going to dump me now.

well, not really.

truth be told, i come from a very cool family. we all really love eachother (except maybe for my grandma, who doesn't seem to like some of us that much).

see, i've told stories about my grandmother. namely how she dresses. my grandma is a big fan of stiletto heals and leopard prints. she wears very dramatic make-up and has dark skin and jet black hair (she dyes it with henna).

everyone thinks i'm joking or exagerrating. i know some of the stuff that i say about my grandma seems pretty ridiculous. i mean come on, how many of you out there can honestly say that your grandmas like to wear crocheted string bikinis?

she's got a penchant for gambling and tiny dogs named after alcoholic drinks.

her chihuahua, tequila, would always hump my foot when i was a kid. i really had a problem with that. but that's another story for another day, kids.

i'm pretty sure that even eli thought i was exagerrating about my grandma, even though he never said so. well, now he knows that i'm not exagerrating.


because my grandma walked into my cousins wedding on saturday wearing a long black stretch-lace robe-thingy over some black capris and a black tanktop.

she was also wearing black semi-stilletto suede boots.

and, finally, my granny's piece d'resistance was a black feather boa.

now, i think the boa might have been attached to the black lace robe she was wearing, it looked like it was sown into the collar. not that that really matters, she still looked like a big brown cyndi lauper clad in black. either that or retired fredericks model.

my grandmother showed up to my cousins wedding in a negligee, and no, she's not senile.

my cousin's boyfriend said that peggy lee's song "fever" comes to mind when she walks into a room. i think that describes her pretty well. actually if there were some way we could mix "fever" with nancy sinatra's "these boots" THAT, my friend would by a perfect theme song for my granny.

anyhow, the family got to meet eli and i'm sure they all liked him a lot and he's still breathing so it's all okay. if any of you are wondering, he's alive and well. i'll make sure he updates soon so that you guys don't worry too much.

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