November 14, 2002 - 9:30 am

I sent this email out to my friends a little while ago asking them for help, maybe you guys can help too? Maybe by copying my url and adding it to the bottom of your pages? or by linking me or telling your friends to come by? Anything is appreciated.

Hi everyone,

Okay, I know this is a long shot but I really need help on this. There's this contest that I entered because if I win I get a trip to see one of my favorite performers, Ben Folds, live in Boston. I know, I know, -I'm not thirteen. But still!

So here is the way it works, I get assigned a personal url and I get points for every unique user that clicks on this url. Pretty easy, the hard part is keeping it going.

So, I'm sending it to you and hopefully you will click on the site and then forward it to all your friends and ask them to do the same. They in turn will send it to all their friends and tell them about this crazy girl who is a friend of a friends who actually thinks she can win this contest.

This could get to a lot of people that I don't know personally, so if you're reading this and thinking "why should I help this lunatic out?" well, I don't know the answer other than because I would really really love to go see Ben Folds and hang out with him in Boston. I'm a nice person and if I don't win I'll be okay. I've got lots of great things going in my life, I recently got an awesome job and an awesome apartment in an awesome city (San Francisco!!) but still, I think it's worth a try.

So the people that I'm sending this to right now, those who are separated from me by one degree, YOU are the important ones, I think if you guys send it to as many folks as possible and get me off to a good start, I can do this. You can include this little note if you like so that people will have an idea that I'm a real person. You can also include your own little note and ask them (no-no, beg them) to send it to all the folks they know.

Thanks for all your help guys. I normally hate these chain letter type things but I swear this one is real! I know because I'm starting it and because my url that leads to an actual site is proof.

Thanks so much guys!!

Please, click



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