December 04, 2002 - 1:50 pm


just kidding.

so here's the deal. I moved.

I have no internet connection at home.

I can't update from work, except for right now, of course.

I'm alive and well.

I went to new york for a week and had a blast.

i got back and ate some in-n-out, got food poisoning and had another blast, except it was out of my ass this time and there was puking too.

i went to walgreens with eli the other night and he came over to me while i was looking at the lipglosses cracking up trying to say something but just laughing too hard.

he then grabbed my hand and led me to the source of his amusement.

they had one of those spying devices where you can hear stuff from 300 feet away if you point the little satellite looking thing at something and listen on headphones.

still giggling he put the headphones on my head. aimed the satellite thingee toward his butt and then farted.

i laughed for hours. we stood there cracking up. he was going to do it again, but then some stupid little girl came over and wanted to test the machine.

little bitch. anyways.

i'll update more later i promise.

if you see one of those machines at your local drugstore, please listen to a fart on it, it's really funny. i don't care how old you are.

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