December 26, 2002 - 2:20 pm







yes, i had a nice christmas. I got sooooo many presents, because everyone loves me sooooo much.

but you know what I just realized?

i'm pretty depressed right now. I mean, i try to stay cheerful, i should be cheerful, but the fact is, i'm having family withdrawals.

I haven't seen my family in about a year. I miss my parents and my sisters. I had a cute message on my answering machine last night from my mami and my little sister.

i think for the first time, i understood the spirit of christmas. only because i didn't have it.

its really true, you never know what you have until it's gone.

people who get to spend holidays with family are so lucky. you may not realize it, but stop and think how different and odd it would feel if you skipped christmas with the family.

it feels like it hasn't even happened yet.

and i'm a little sad that this was my first christmas without the people i love the most in the world.

but, i'll make up for it soon i hope. my family has decided to move back to the states. not to the bay area (sadly) but to southern california, so I should be able to see a lot more of them now.

my apartment is messy.

i mean, i've got all these presents strewn all about. what's a girl to do?

speaking of girls. i like boys and they're funny and stupid sometimes but i really want a girlfriend. i'm tired of being around a bunch of boys all the time. there is seriously a lot of fucking female bonding and shit that I miss right now.

i'm excited because a friend from college is going to come and stay with me for a bit while she looks for a job and apartment in the city.

i'm going to talk her fucking head off.

every fucking night.

seriously, i'm so fucking excited to have a girl around. we're going to be baking cookies and doing eachother's hair and make-up and watching martha stewart and buying kitchen supplies and painting our toenails and calling eachother "goddess" and stuff. I can't wait.

the only problem is, for the first time in about a year and a half i have to live with someone else.

i think roommate problems are petty, stupid and a goddamn waste of time so i avoid letting it be a part of my life by living alone.

and i fucking love it.

but now, i'm going to have to share and it's going to be weird. i hope i don't get all territorial on her and start growling when she comes near me.

but if i do, i'll write about her reaction in here, okay?

you know who i miss? roger!

believe it or not, i live closer to roger now and that punk ass sombitch never comes to visit me. never.

nevermind, i dont miss him. i hate him.

so would you like to know what i got for christmas?okay!

1. a very pretty antiquish looking mother-of-pearl bracelet.

2. a very cool strawberry tablecloth (i'm obsessed with strawberries if you haven't noticed and i plan to have my kitchen totally done up in them).

3. a ceramic strawberry mixing bowl/canister.

4. a cute little basket with scented beaded strawberries.

5. hella candy: gobstoppers, chewy sweettarts, hershey kisses, ginger candy, snickers, twixes etc.

6. cozy slippers all the way from Canadia that i don't like to take off. I especially like the little pom-pom in the front. very chic.

7. tuna. so what?!? it was a stocking stuffer! I happen to think tuna is a great gift.

8. a crazy straw

9. a stink bomb.

10. a big maglite flashlight

11. a wee maglite flashlight for my keychain

12. grapeseed body butter from the body shop.

13. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone.

14. A mirror vanity tray to do my coke lines off of.

15. A pretty chest for all the ice that eli is going to buy me later.

and i think that's it, but its probably not.

natalie's 11 year old brother got a little perturbed when i told him "i got more presents than you".

what? it's true! i'm just sayin'.

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