December 30, 2002 - 3:58 pm

there are certain things i'm going to have to know if i'm working with inner city high school kids, which is why i spent today at work practicing how to throw gang signs.

Unsurprisingly enough reading descriptions of how to throw up a specific sign proved to be quite difficult.

i think it works better if i just let my inner "blood" take over, smell me?


I'm taking this quiet time in the office to organize the office files. ah, the joys of being an incoming exec. assistant in a start-up office.

er, not joyful, at all. actually.

My boss is quite proud of his organizational mantra which is: 'if you're not sure, make a file!'

yeah, as you can guess this really proves to suck ass for me because i'm the one who ends up going through all sorts of useless files from 6 years ago with one sheet of paper in them.

maybe i should teach him my mantra, 'if you're not sure and you don't have time to look and you have a penis therefore unabling you to have any organizational skills whatsoever, hand it to the woman in the office.'

i hate being stereotypical but being the first female hire in this office is pretty fucking daunting.

these men i'm working with they have such great ideas and they mean well and are truly trying to make a difference but they can't keep an office in working order to save their lives.

so i have to ask, how, exactly do they plan on saving others lives?

if i hate being stereotypical then i hate being sexist even more, but let me just say this, there's a reason why women tend to be assistants to men.

Don't get me wrong, my last boss was a female and she was the schloppiest person on the planet.

and i've known men who color code their socks and fold their underwear.

but, well, lets just say generalizations exist for reasons.


i had fun last night playing with remote controlled cars with Eli and his little pals.

(i know, i'm falling victim, i can't help it, there is nothing but testosterone around me. i'm outnumbered and i don't think a suggestion to bake cupcakes would fare well with the men).

anyhow, these little toy cars are fun, they're really fast and hard to maneuver at first but i'm getting the hang of it.

don't tell my parents because it might convince them that I'm not the mature daughter they think I am, but eli and I lined up our little homies and knocked them over with our toy cars in my kitchen last night.


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