January 02, 2003 - 1:21 pm

every evening i look at my boyfriend and the following conversation ensues:

annie: i bupdated today. ("bupdated"=updated, its just more fun to say that way)

eli: what'd you write about?

annie: eh, just random stuff, nothing too great.

eli: did you write about how great i am?

annie: oh, damn. i forgot honey.

eli: bean. (that's my nickname)

annie: i'm sorry. honey, everyone knows how great you are.

eli: i know, but bean.

annie: i'll try to remember to write about how great you are next time, okay?

eli: okay


i finally got to see the Two Towers last night.

I really liked how Gollum has that split personality where he talks to himself from a good guy/bad guy perspective.

of course, i'm not that impressed. Gollum needs a powerful ring to drive him to borderline schizophrenia, I need 6 pints of raspberry cider.



today natalie comes to stay with me for a couple of days. I'm pretty damn excited. so excited that i forgot to brush my teeth this morning. luckily no one else is in the office today.

i'm kinda sad though because i'm so goddamn broke, i really can't afford to do anything.

i checked my bank accounts last night and i have $5.23 in my checking account and $196.48 in my savings account.

true, i have assets (ass-ETS people! come on now.) i have a car that is worth about $1000. but I need to get the alignment fixed so that brings its worth down a little.

i live in this great old city and i can't enjoy it. in order to get my kicks I have to drive north on the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you've never seen this bridge up close, you really ought to make a trip to San Francisco. I think a lot of the other locals probably take it's beauty for granted but i'm still in awe of it.

i like driving on it, except like i said, i can only drive north. If i come down on it south, then i have to pay a $5 bridge toll.

so instead i have to go all the way around to the Richmond bridge and then come back through on the Bay Bridge where the toll is a measley $2.

pinchin' those pennies. except for me it's more like glueing them to my fingertips so that i never accidentally let go of them.


natalie's boyfriend "dude" is going to come on friday and we're going to go out.

perhaps i shall do my infamous robot dance for them. if they're lucky they may catch me talking to myself at the bar ala "gollum".

i wonder if natalie's boyfriend ever gets mad that I call him "dude". he's such a dude though! he really is. i think his real name might be scott or matt, but to me he's just "dude".

he acts like he gets so annoyed and then i'm like "DUDE".

whatever, dude loves me. and to be honest i love having a friend who's boyfriends name is dude.


alright i better stop writing about my best friends boyfriend before eli gets all riled up.

wouldn't want him to bust out with his angry ninja move.

wait! yes, i would. i love that, he looks funny.


eli's little brother joined us to see the two towers last night. he's really sweet and shy and cute and smart and don't tell anyone but i have a teensy crush on him even though he's only 17.


of course, he could never take my sights off eli. he's so great. (happy, honey?)

it's weird how quickly time is passing. it seems like only yesterday i picked up my wee-he-man at the train station in Davis.

it seems like only yesterday I watched him blot is pizza and thought to myself "gay".

we've been together 6 months now and i bet we'll be having our 1 year anniversary before we can both realize it.

shit, i better go get him a present. June will be here soon.


"great" is putting it mildly.

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