January 17, 2001 - 10:36 pm

tonight i'm in berkeley. the place that i had avoided coming to like the plague because its the residence of an ex-boyfriend who i had no desire of seeing.

but now that i couldn't care less, i've decided to visit my long time friend.

she's in the shower.

i'm supposed to be making popcorn.

her roommate is weird.

anyhow, i haven't been lazy with this journal, i've been really effing busy.

yeah, you heard me, effing busy.

no, not busy effing (i wish). effing busy.

today eli and i took a trip down memory lane and decided to visit the botanical gardens in golden gate park. where part of our first date was spent.

as usual, i reverted to my geek ways and started spouting off the names of all the waterfowl. we saw a bufflehead, it was a good day.

sweta and i were having a little trouble opening the bottle of wine i brought over.

see we didn't have one of those fancy corkscrews that you push down the side levers on.

we had a swiss army knife and no muscles. when we talked ourselves out of "gently" breaking the neck of the bottle, we started with the knife again.

but it was really difficult and yours truly was forced to subject herself to quite an alluring pose.

okay, please remember that i'm a fairly thin girl and so is sweta and this swiss army knife sucked.

so i got down on my knees and pulled the bottle down while sweta stood and pulled the corkscrew up.

my head was at you-know-what level. it was quite the scene.

in other news, there is no other news, really.

we are about to put facial masks on, eat cheddar popcorn, drink some mondavi cabernet and watch "Waiting for Guffman".

it should also prove to be a good night.

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