January 28, 2003 - 12:53 pm

this is the email i just sent to my mother:

hey mom,

can you stop sending forwards to all my friends, please? it's okay if you send them to me, but most of them don't speak spanish so they have no idea what you're talking about and they keep emailing me asking me if you're my mom. i feel like a bigger nerd than i already am.

i love you so much. even though you like to email my friends.


p.s. there was no message in the last email you sent me. i love you so much.

p.p.s. my email is acting funny, so if you get this message a whole bunch of times just ignore it please.

my mom emails my friends.

see, she's still kind of learning so phoebe, lindsey, booga and anyone else that my mom may have emailed, i'm sorry.

what is it with mom's not knowing how to use email?

notice how much i had to tell my mother i love her in that email up there. see, she's really sensitive and i know she's going to be embarassed about having emailed all my friends, so if any of you get the email please take two minutes to reply and say hi to my mother and tell her not too feel bad, that everyone makes mistakes.

she's so funny.

and if i get any smart "your mom" jokes, save it. i will kick your fucking ass, my mother is a very sweet respectable woman. this goes for YOU, jeremy!

besides, whatever you say about my mom can't compare to the sweet ass she gave up last night! OW YEAH!

in other news, my birthday is in about a month and a half. i'm planning a big shin-dig for myself.

March 7th is all about MEEEEE!

i'll most likely be partying at some club in San Francisco. (by the way, "partying" is my new euphemism for "puking my guts out").

speaking of holidays, valentine's day is coming up and although i wasn't successful in making a reservation for the 14th (i didn't realize how quickly places fill up). i called up my wee-he-man and asked him if we can celebrate valentine's day on February 8th, to which he agreed.

he said yes to celebrating it a week early, which although i was disappointed that we won't be going out on February 14th, i'm happy that i get a piece of sweet as earlier than i thought.

oh yes he WILL put out!

someone's cell phone on this floor plays the 1812 overture and everytime it gets to the part where the cymbals are supposed to crash (or the cannon's fire) i like to make a big exploding noise (with my mouth people! i have not yet mastered the art of pooting on command).

that's all for now, don't forget to email my mother.

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