February 18, 2003 - 5:28 pm

I've been compared to Ramona Quimby by a few people, including my boyfriend. I always consider it a compliment, I don't think there ever was a cooler kid and I would have loved to know her, probably not be her babysitter, but know her.

Work is sooo time consuming. Who decided that there was going to be this thing that they could put employees on called "salary" where they basically make you a slave? Yeah, i'd like to shake his hand...

before rubbing poo all over it!!

My apartment is lovely. No complaints. I still love my roommate but i'm wondering when she's going to leave. Not to be rude or anything but she's basically inhabited my living room. I can't just watch tv alone when i want to because she's always there. Don't get me wrong, she's great company and she helps out by cleaning my house up (which i'm way too busy to do) and she buys stuff like milk and tin foil, but i just think i should have probably had more of a discussion with her as to how long she considers staying at my place.

I figured at least a couple of months (which we're about two weeks away from) and at most 6 months. That's pretty generous right? 6 months, rent free? i think so.

oh! i also got sick last week. yeah, yesterday morning i hawked up greenish-yellow phlegm. it was nasty but i wish eli would have been there so i could show him.

i also went to the peace march on sunday. san francisco decided to postpone their peace march until sunday because the chinese new year parade (which i also went to and was pretty fun) was on saturday. it was cool to be around hundreds of thousands of people who feel the same way as i do. (HA! i'm NOT crazy, see?) and my butt hurt afterward so the walk did me some physical good in addition to the emotional returns i got from it.

wasn't joe millionaire just about the best fucking reality tv show ever? i knew he was going to pick Zora all along, ask anyone.

I'm glad to see that in a show that shows how disgusting women act when it comes to money, the one woman who prevailed was the least impressed by the scrilla. Zora was a regular woman, smart, kind and insecure about her body.

She's so freaking compassionate too, i mean all that animal/kiddie/senior citizen loving she does. Fuck it, i'm starting the campaign to cannonize Zora. she can be Saint Zora of le chateau.

i have that olivia newton-john song, "let's get physical" in my head. too bad i left my twisty headband and legwarmers at home, otherwise i'd get my mad 80's groove on right now.

yes, i'm still at work.

i think i'll start a notify list, i don't think this diary is going to get updated as often as i would like it to be, let me know if you would join the list if i started it here.

on another note, i'll be visiting my family in costa rica in april. my little sisters don't know when i'm coming which is cool because that means i have about 2 months to plan what the best way to scare them is going to be. I'm thinking of walking halfway to their school and waiting until school lets out and then when they walk by i'll jump out from behind a palm tree with one of those crazy george w. bush masks and dance around like an idiot.

another plan i have for costa rica is to buy my parents a dvd player and making them go "ooh! ahh!". actually in spanish it's more likely to be along the lines of "Ay-yay-yay-ya-ya-ha-ay".

Anyhow, i want to get the dvd players so i can bring the first season of the osbournes and make my mother watch it with me just for shock value.

so you can kind of get an idea of how much shock value it will carry, we weren't allowed to say "shut-up" while growing up in my house.

so "goddamn, mum, why are you acting like such a fucking raging bitch?!?" is definitely going to make my mom recite a couple of saint names and ask god to bless kelly and jack 'for they know not what they say'.

well, here's the best part though. i'm going to convince my mom that it's just a tv show and that just because i watch it doesn't mean i'm going to talk like them.

then i'm slowly going to work more and more cuss words into my vocabulary while i'm there.

eventually, she'll get so pissed off she won't know what to do and it's at that time that i'll explain that "i can't help it, the osbournes do it all the time on their show!"

i can't wait.

let me hear your body talk, your body talk. let me hear your body talk.

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