April 11, 2003 - 7:40 pm

i can update because i'm on vacation in costa rica and because i love my public.

like j-lo.

anyhow, so as many of you who read my lovely boyfriend know, i'm staying with family in Costa Rica.

the fun has begun.

for example, i bought my family an iron (among other things) and last night while my dad was looking at it, i reached over to take off the little instruction sticker that comes off and my dad flips out.

okay, well not flips out but he smacked my hand off and asked me what the hell i was doing.

i was shocked, and i was laughing.

so his reasoning for this reactionary slap was that my sisters are going to be using the iron and he still has to talk to them about the instructions and how to use it.

ahh, yes. silly of me, i forgot about the family meeting we have to have about our new black and decker iron usage. doh!

this is how my dad has always been. one time in the fifth grade i wanted to get a pair of "Dance Reeboks" and my mom and dad sat me down and had a 1 hour interview/conference with me about how expensive these shoes were and how i better take care of them and not jump in puddles and stuff.

now, i'm sitting in my parents room right now and my dad is watching tv and i got to thinking, is it right for me to write about my parents and sisters so much?

so i turn to my dad and i tell him how much i write about him and the rest of my family and how everyone loves me writing about them.

i told him about how i'm writing about the iron and you know what?

he's still yapping about how instructions need to be read.

did you know that if you operate the new black and decker iron without water and you hit the steam button, you could ruin it?

well, its true. my dad just told me and my sisters.

he's talking now about how much he loves the new iron and he just stuck out his arm and said "see, i used it this morning and it's still ironed!".

now, he's yapping about how my little sister ruined her hair straightener.

do you know why?


that's it for now kids, something as simple as reading the instructions can often be what makes or breaks us, according to my dad.

i love my dad and our new black and decker iron.

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