August 07, 2003 - 3:42 pm

Today is Eli's birfday. Go say Happy Birfday to him and then come back here and read this.

okay, thanks.

i got him a new down comforter, a comforter cover, two new pillows, 2 pairs of boxers, 6 pairs of socks, 4 new pillowcases, a new 300 thread count sheet set and some strawberry massage oil that i'm assuming will be all over the new sheets by early tomorrow morning. i woke up early and made him breakfast and i drew him a big birthday sign at work that i'm hoping he will put on his truck like he said he would. i also plan on doing some other stuff, but i can't tell you what it is because he'll read this entry before i get to do it and then it won't be a surprise.

Eli pointed out to me yesterday that my adoring fans out there still think that my life is completely screwed up. i told him that his brain was screwed up and that you all were smart enough to know i'm okay, but in case you hadn't figured it out, here it is.

I'm doing well.

except that the new executive assistant doesn't get me what i want so i have lame stuff now.

for example, i have this retarded circular case of these colored vinyl coated paper clips. i hate those! i want my regular metal paper clips in small and large. the ones that come in the little rectangular cardboard cartons. not this plastic cylindrical rainbow paper clip nightmare! but i refrained from bitching her out because i don't want her to think i'm weird...well, nevermind.

anyhow, other than that i am well. unfortunately i'm way too busy for frequent updates. yesterday i could because it was stupid software training day and today most of the people are at this meeting that is apparently only for people who like to be bored. my boss asked me to come but then took the invitation back after i told him i'd pack my nail file. good for him.

eli and i are getting along swimmingly, except when he acts dumb and i get all p.m.sey but that's not very often. 95% of the time we just think up stupid things to make each other laugh. this morning we recited lines from the "Gavin" skits on kids in the hall. tell me that isn't one of the funniest skits on that show!

my new kitten is another great thing in my life. wait, no she isn't she's a little attention whore who cries non-stop if i'm not next to her. i've started using a spray bottle to try and discipline her and for a couple of weeks it was working but last night she got immune to it. in the middle of the night she was digging her claws into my hair so i sprayed her and she just stared. i sprayed her again and she didn't move, she just sat there. all in all i sprayed her about 10 times and i think she enjoyed it. she's a little lynx point siamese with blue eyes, i'll try to post a picture for you all to ooh and ahh about her.

that's it for now, peace.

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