September 23, 2003 - 12:44 pm

i have to say, most of you would hate working with me. i'm not a professional person at all. 50% of that stems from the fact that most people i know already consider me a sellout for being a college graduate and having a "real job" so i can't start acting like one. the other 50% stems from the fact that i've never been one to conform for the status quo and the last 50% stems from the fact that i'm just a free spirit. yes, i know that's 150%, and that my friend, is how much effort i put into my work.

for example, you can typically catch me singing the old "Capri Sun" theme song and doing the pelvic thrust dance during lunch time.

"there's only one! only one? Capri Sun! It's great tasting fun when you PONCH (pelvic thrust) OPEN (pelvic thrust) ONE (pelvic thrust)!"

and it is great tasting fun, mind you. otherwise i wouldn't be having such a fucking blast at work.

i'm unstoppable.

i was looking at the 12% beer page and noticing that i'm the only one who doesn't have a picture. that's because i'm extremely unphotogenic. yeah, let me put my hideousness into words for you, shall i? the Arial version of my face is this:


got it?

I'm just kidding, Joey! i'll send it someday, i promise!

speaking of hunky canadians. eli and i have been watching reruns of News Radio lately. Man, that Dave Foley, he's a hunky one alright!

everytime i see him i think of him as Hecubus though, and then he's not so attractive. Hecubus, after all, is evil and evil is not an attractive quality in a man. unless your George Bush who's constantly chasing after evil doers. (lame joke which means i'm out of material).

i'll leave you with a quote from everybody's favorite kid, Gavin:

"Mom, in France, kids are drunk"

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