October 20, 2003 - 4:15 pm

It has been brought to my attention by Myself that i'm not as good a writer as i once was.

i'm not claiming to have been someone amazingly talented. i don't think i was ever anything special. i've always considered myself the charity case of 12% beer. i've come to the conclusion that Joe wants to diversify his group of writers. That quota loving bastard came across my diary and said "hey, a central american who can write more than her own name and fake social security number, she's in!"

i say this because in reality i'm not on par with writers like for example leroy.

in reality, i guess there is nothing wrong with having writers of different abilities on one kickass site, but the downside comes when little rookie wannabe's like yours truly become infatuated (not like that) with other writers like, oh...say LADEELEROY!

oh where, oh where have you been all my life? you are so good, grand, great, swell, and fun nowadays that i love you more than i would love it if my name were Oliwana Dois Butkis. i'm not lying!

you should know that i yapped my head off about you this weekend, to the point where my sweet little boyfriend thought about breaking up with me.

annie: you know who is really funny? like, one of the funniest diaries i've ever read?

hecka: who?

annie: ladeeleroy. she is sooo funny and such an amazing writer, i wish i was as good as her. she's the one that has that entry where some dude named lipman comes in and starts doing the strip tease for her. it's hella funny.

hecka: oh yeah i remember you telling me about that.

annie: remember when i started going "yeah, yeah" and then "yeah, yeah, yeah". well that's where i've got it from.

hecka: yeah, you've told me that before.

annie: oh, and she has this one entry and it's called like "from the desk of George W." or something like that and its so funny!

hecka: really?

annie: yeah, ohmygod, it's sooooo funny. its like this yellow college ruled paper and it's got all these like kiddie drawings and phrases. oh and the best part, dubya signs it L.Y.L.A.N. 'love you like a nation'. it's sooo funny!

hecka: okay, bean. i get it, you like her.

annie: no, sweetie, my heart belongs to you. oh? that's not what you meant? oh, i know! i'm just kidding, i mean, yeah, i like her writing.

hecka: shut up.

annie: and you know how i do that "yeah, yeah" and then "yeah, yeah, yeah" and then "yeah, yeah-

hecka: okay, shut up already.


hecka: err..


(love ya like an obsessed stalker)

in the words of patricia arquettes character (Alabama) in True Romance:

you are so cool!

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