October 27, 2003 - 10:42 am

Annie: i like to look at the different mountain ranges and figure out in which direction the tectonic plates are moving.

eli: i like eating a lot of jellybeans.

my little poofer (short for "poo for brains") and i went to the Steinhart aquarium yesterday to go look at fishes and skulls and a whole assload of other scientific stuff. it was super fun and worth all the money he paid for it, in my opinion.

Saturday we slept all day. that's what we do on Saturdays. sometimes Iím so amazed at how much we sleep that i start thinking about all the possible reasons as to why we could possibly sleep so much, and then I get tired and fall asleep. vicious cycle, anyone?

Friday night we watched the original "the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" which i had never seen before. I guess I can't say that Iíve seen it now either. I did my standard scary movie routine and watched it through a button hole on Eliís jacket.

shut it. no, Iím not going to see the new one.

Saturday night we cleaned Eliís room. I wish now that we could have taken 'before' and 'after' pictures of it. the change was so drastic. of course, the 'before' picture probably would have been a blue blur due to the huge mounds of clothes all over his floor. had we held the camera at eye level we still would not have been able to see anything but clothes.

my boyfriend is a slob. I love him, but he's a slob. there's no way around it. he moved into his apartment in mid June and Iím fairly positive that this was the 2nd time he had cleaned his room.

he's also only cleaned his bathroom once since he moved in there. once, people.

don't get me wrong, my apartment is not attractive right now. my kitchen is pretty bad esp. the floor, my living room and bedroom are a little sloppy and my bathroom has been due for a cleaning for about 2 days now. but I have a lot more area to clean than he does, and I clean more thoroughly than he does because Iím a girl and cleaning is what we girls not only do best but also love to do.

speaking of stereotypical woman roles. you know what really pisses me off? when my boss asks me to fax something for him.

1. I'm not anyone's fucking assistant.

2. there are 3 men in this office who are doing the exact same amount of work as me. now why pray tell, would you ask me to fax your goddamn memo, you chauvinistic mother humper?

he walks in and he's like "Annie, I need this fax to go ASAP, do you mind sending it for me?"

Annie: (looking straight ahead) sure.

he's not even in a fucking hurry. the only reason he won't send a fax is because that is below him. so he has to ask one of the peons to do it for him.

sexism is a bitch, it really is.

Iím going to go play snake. then maybe, Iíll send his fax.

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