December 14, 2003 - 8:54 pm

I'm not super upset, but i am somewhat upset that i can't head to Canadia if i don't finish up all my work by Christmas Eve. I think i can do it, i definitely need help (which, of course, i hate) but it can still be accomplished.

chicks suck so much ass. i swear, i hate being one sometimes. if only all girls could be as cool as my close friends and Eli's sister, Kaffer.

I know i've mentioned our office assistant at work before and i've always been hot and cold towards her but haven't been able to pinpoint why.

today i fucking pinpointed it.

i got food poisoning on Friday. Short lesson: don't by 8 pieces of chicken for .99, it's not worth the bragging of what a steal you got.

and i was planning on writing this wonderful entry on what a total bitchsnatch this office assistant is but i think a skunk just sprayed near my office.

i'm fucking leaving.

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