January 02, 2004 - 12:52 pm

1. What time is it? 12:03pm, January 2, 2004

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Iíll never tell

3. Nickname: Bean, Bean-town, Plink, Bonkers, and most recently Pickle pass

4. Parents' names: Cesar and Maria

5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: I donít think Iíve had a real birthday cake since my quinceaŮera which is when I turned 15 almost 10 years ago. Man, I miss birthday cakes with candles, I want one this year!

6. Date that you regularly blow them out: Usually sometime between March 4 and March 10. March 7th is the real day.

7. Hair color: Dark brownish-black.

8. Tattoos: No, Iím too much of a sissy. A long time ago I wanted to get a Quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala) spanning across my shoulders but it would have been way too expensive. Iíve thought about getting ďmamiĒ tattooed on my shoulder to freak my mom out.

9. How much do you love your job on a scale of 1-10: Right now is a bad time to ask. Sometimes itís a 9, (itís a job, it can never be a 10, really) and sometimes itís a 1.

10. Favorite color: Used to be red but if I go by what color I wear the most it would be dark gray. If I go by what you see the most in my apartment, it would be purple.

11. Birth place: Central Los Angeles, CA!!!

12. Current residence: San Francisco, CA (whatchu know Ďbout the Sucka Free?)

13. Favorite food(s): Black beans and rice with avocado and a hard boiled egg that my mami makes. Steak Salad from Esquire Grill in Sacramento.

14. Been to Africa? No, unfortunately. I would love to go to South Africa though. I would also want to visit Cairo, Morrocco and the Ivory Coast!

15. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: Of course.

16. Been in a car accident: Yes, twice. One time some dumb bitch pulled away from the curb as I was passing and then another time some dumb bitch changed lanes without checking her mirror. The second dumb bitch is me...

17. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacon bits. Croutons cut the roof of my mouth too much (Hey! I already admitted I was a sissy).

18. Sprite or 7UP? 7UP, which goes against all reason because I love Coke way more than Pepsi.

19. Favorite movie: not sure yet, have to think about that.

20. Favorite holiday/day: Halloween, Iíve never known why though.

21. Favorite day of the week: Saturday

22. Favorite restaurant(s): Esquire Grill (in Sacramento), Pizza Orgasmica and the Stinking Rose (in San Francisco)

23. Favorite flowers: Fire & Ice Roses and Stargazer lilies

24. Favorite beverage: Vanilla Coke, Arnold Palmers (1/2 ice tea, 1/2 lemonade), Ice cold milk

25. Favorite sport to watch: Basketball and Soccer (but only on the Spanish channels)

26. Favorite ice cream: Coconut from Guntherís in Sacramento, especially if it has chopped bananas and hot fudge in it!

27. How many times did you fail your driver's test? For my standard Class C license, 1. For my bus driving license, I think 3 or 4 (oh go on and laugh, I didnít have time to study so my goal was to collect all the tests look up the answers and then go back and take one of the tests that I already had.

28. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card?: Only one, hmm, the Lucky Store. Or maybe Diesel, or Filthmart. I like jeans, can you tell? Or if I wanted to get stuff for my house, probably the Black Sea Gallery or Bombay Co.

29. What do you do most often when you are bored? Iím rarely bored. I guess I watch TV when I canít think of anything else to do.

30. Friend who lives the farthest away? Hmm, I once had a pen pal in Japan! but that was like 6 years ago. I have a good friend in Atlanta an uncle in the Bronx, 1/2 sister in Miami...

31. Most annoying thing people ask or tell me: Do you have a black eye? (long story) Are those real? (just kidding, Iíve never been asked that in my life).

32. Bedtime: around 11pm.

33. Favorite TV Show: 1. Iron Chef 2. Six Feet Under 3. Oz 4. Unwrapped (I love the Food Network and HBO!)

34. Last person/(s) you went out to dinner with? my sister

35. Last movie you saw at the theater: Elf, so cute!

36. Favorite physical activities: I hate physical activities, except dancing ballet folklorico.

37. Pet Peeves: other peopleís body heat on chairs or seats; when people younger than me, my age or less than 10 years older than me call me pet names like ďsweetieĒ or ďhoneyĒ, people who never take responsibility for their actions, pretty much everything drives me up the wall if Iím hungry.

38. Favorite things: taking a long hot shower, putting on freshly washed pjís and then jumping into a bed with freshly washed sheets, reading, laughing, eating, playing with my kitty, snuggling with Eli (especially) when itís cold outside, snuggling with my mom anytime, rubbing soft fleece on my face.

39. What do you want to be when you grow up?: I want to move to a small one stoplight town where I can be a waitress at a local diner that tourists occasionally stop at. I want to pick up the local accent and then go home every night to a cozy one story house with at least a husband, a cat and a dog living inside. Outside the house I want to have at least two pigs (male and female), two Nubian goats (male and female), two alpine goats (male and female) and hens, roosters and ducks. I want to have an apple tree, an apricot tree, and an avocado tree. I want to grow basil, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, onions, chives, oregano, strawberries, boysenberries and black beans and maybe some flowers.

40. Time when you finished: 12:53pm (I took a break and went to Noahs for an Asiago bagel with Salmon Schmear

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