January 15, 2004 - 10:50 pm

One thing i'm definitely not excited about going to Tahoe with Roger is the fact that i'm going to have to listen to artists like Michael Ball and Josh Grobin.

and that's just if i'm lucky. if i'm not lucky we'll end up listening to some radio station where some band called nicklebox 6 sings dumb songs about hearts in blenders. it's going to be a long drive.


have i mentioned that i was blessed with a great gynecologist again? i love that!

she kicks ass! not as much ass as my old gynecologist, cathy. but almost as much.

she did hurt me though, but i still love her. does that make me co-dependent?


the dumb office assistant has a dumb dog.

i hate that dog and i love dogs.

(not to be confused withe how i feel about "dogs in the bathtub" though, sundry.

i call it the "schizo bitch". yeah, i call it that to it's face, i don't fucking CARE man! sometimes the dog flips out when i call her that and sometimes i get the feeling she loves it. see? schizo.

anyhow, i had an encounter with said dog last week where i almost kicked it in the stomach.

before you go labeling me inhumane and an animal hater please know that i keep framed pictures of my kitten above my bed and let her sleep with me almost everynight because she gets a little cold otherwise. i practically have a makeout session with her every time i get home.

but this dog. ooooh this dog.

i won't go into details, just know that i was threatened and sometimes i've got to be mean.

yes, mean. totally unlike me at all.


did you guys hear?

eli: b2k broke up.

annie: nooooooooo. why???????? omarion wanted to go out on his own?

eli: i think so.

annie: (sigh) i have to write about this.

eli: well you better do some web research before you start spreading rumors.

annie: eh.

peace, sweetpeas.

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