April 14, 2004 - 10:32 am

today, i'm wearing pink.

something funny happens to me when i wear pink. i start to act like a girl who wears pink.

how does a girl who wears pink act, you say? well, she flounces, she smiles alot, she acts like she doesn't have a care in the world. she wonders things like "if that girl let me do her hair, could i make her pretty?" and "what is she thinking wearing that shirt?" and the such.

yeah, that's me today.

anyhow, pink is starting to grow on me. i bought a pink tank top recently and i've had my eye on this pink poncho i saw at nordstrom's this past weekend.

insert transition here

i'm happy that it's hump day. i think i've come to the realization that Mondays and Tuesdays are typically bad days for me. i'm just not as happy as i am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

i am also happy because i have a fun weekend coming up. i'm going back to davis for Picnic Day on Saturday. if it rains, i'm going to fucking have a temper tantrum on the quad (unless i'm wearing pink, then i'll just be bouncy).

but that's not all. it looks like i will once again be visiting a strip joint, but this time in Sacramento. i'm particularily excited because i'm going with one of my best girlfriends who really likes girls, so she and i should have a blast.

saturday's plans are still sketchy, i guess it will all depend on how much rain there is. but then i'm staying over with said woman-loving friend so that sunday we can head up to the strawberry festival.

good times, folks, good times.

so i've gained a couple pounds in the last few weeks. i'm happy about this becuase for awhile i was starting to lose weight and everyone was starting to ask me what was wrong (i hate that). but as i was noticing in the shower this morning, my boobs no longer defy gravity like they used to. it's like i turned 25 and my breastisses looked up at me and said "you know, we're kinda sick of being so perky all the time" and just gave up.

so now i have to be careful. i've decided i'm going to start wearing a bra to sleep and in the shower. that should make them feel a little more loved.

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