May 01, 2004 - 11:28 am

so i got my hair done yesterday and i'm NOT excited about it.

it's not at all what i had in mind and now i look like a love interest in one of the back to the future movies.

actually, everyone who's seen it has complimented me on it, but i'm just not able to see anything good about my hair right now. mainly because i had already created a mental image of what i wanted it to look like and all i can seem to think of at the moment is how it doesn't look like that mental image.

this hair looks like someone who might have had a mental image, not too far off what jennifer beale had in flashdance.

once again, NOT excited about it.

i hate it.

maybe it will grow on me. or maybe i need a pair of leg warmers some lace up stilleto boots and a big sweatshirt with the collar cut out to accentuate it.

so basically, what i wanted was a body wave. nice big waves. what i got was a cheap looking perm.

in fact, i said this to my good friend last night and she said "what makes it a cheap perm? why do you say it's cheap?"

"because it's on me!" i wailed.

the thing is, it was soooooooo not cheap. oh no, this fucking mop cost me close to $130. so i'm a little upset about that.

but i guess this can just reaffirm those little voices in the back of my head that have been telling me to chop all my hair off again.

my friends consolation was to mention how the "80's are back". yes, yes, i know this. i've seen the clothes, but i'm sorry, who on god's green earth believes that 80's hair is actually coming back?

yeah, didn't think so either.

i'll give it some time, see if i can be a "trendsetter" as my stylist said i would. if the 80's perm isn't back in the next month, it's monk city and i'm shaving this tragedy off my head.

in the meantime, you can find me dancing around my room to "Maniac", running in place really fast and rubbing my thighs while i move my head around in circles.

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