May 23, 2004 - 11:28 pm

once again airport security has failed the masses.

i brought knitting needles on the plane to new york and did not even get a second glance. i so could have hijacked the plane. sure, they weren't the shiny metal ones but still, bamboo can be pretty dangerous.

i'm in New York. staying in a shit-hole and i love it. LOVE IT. at one point, i couldn't find the showers and i thought to myself. "did i forget one very important fact when i decided to stay in a youth hostel? are showers something that hostel stayers skip due to packed agenda's?"

luckily i finally worked up the courage to go downstairs and ask someone if there were showers. there were, whew! i thought i was going to have to drive to brooklyn to use the showers there. i hear their great.

like i said, i'm staying in a shithole. my room is the size of a large minivan and i sleep next to a brick wall. it fucking ROCKS. i feel so hard core. although it does have a bit of an orphanage feel.

i think tonight, i'll go sit on the window sill and start to quietly sing "betcha their strict, as straight as a line. don't really care, as long as their miiiiiiinnnneee" for shits and giggles.

alright, i gotta go find out what's happening at CBGB's in the next couple of days, since i'm staying right across the street.

love ya, minions.

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