May 25, 2004 - 10:42 pm

so i just saw the musical "wicked" and i'm super pumped about witches and shit.

i wish i were a witch.

anyhow, the last two days have been lots o fun. today i just chilled and did a little shopping and tomorrow it's off to the sex museum with hot mangus.

life is good.

so i'm reading about how the west nile virus has appeared in certain counties in california and of course INSTANTLY i start wondering if i could have it. i tried to rack my brain of any thing about me that's changed in the last few days that i could pinpoint as a "symptom".

can someone please check for me and see if bad breath is a symptom of the west nile virus? any virus? i've had unexplicably bad breath the last few days and i think it's due to some strange disease i may have contracted.

or the fact that i spend hours without talking to anyone because i'm visiting new york alone.

that's kinda nice.

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