October 11, 2004 - 12:24 pm

Tomorrow is my friend Jeremy's birthday, he's turning 27. I spent the weekend in Sacramento in order to be able to celebrate with him on Saturday night. "Celebrating" included four of us watching Mean Girls while eating Claim Jumper's Motherload Cake. It was the exact kind of celebrating I needed, anything else would have been too much.

I think I really needed this break from the city. It was nice to get out of San Francisco -no, I take that back, it was amazing. I was so tired of the city, so tired of my apartment and its white walls. I was even (gasp) getting a little tired of my cat.

Being in Sacramento reminded me of the last time I was really happy. I'm excited because I've been able to pinpoint when it was exactly and truthfully, it wasn't that long ago. July-Dec. 2001. That was the last time I was really happy. I loved where I lived, I loved my friends, my job. I really loved life.

I felt that way again when I was there this weekend. I slept in my friend's guest bedroom and she's so relaxed about letting me do whatever I want. Her home felt like a haven from all this trouble.

I played with her bulldog puppy Bobo who is just about the dumbest dog on the planet. I love him nonetheless. He licks and bites and leaves bruises on your arms from all his maniacal cavorting but he also brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "puppy dog eyes" and he's irresistible.

I also played with Masa, her cat. Masa is 7 and she's one of the cuddliest cats I've ever met. She's sweet and she let me use her as a pillow when I was watching mindless television programming.

I felt like someone else all weekend and I really liked it. I need to get out of here more often.

Thanks so much to everyone who have been leaving all the kind notes. It really does mean a lot to me. I hope to be out of this funk soon. Thanks for putting up with the non-funny Annie.

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