January 13, 2005 - 5:30 pm

I'm back in the states from my very long stay in Costa Rica.

Although I'm racked with guilt at the mere thought of feeling this way I have to say that I will NEVER again spend SIX WEEKS with my mother.

More on that front later.

In the meantime however, I would love to talk about my hoochie sister.

That's right. Yours truly, the Annie you know who has always kinda sported the sexy librarian look in order to serve as a "good example" for her little sisters has officially failed in bestowing her modest yet fashionable style to one of the two little Annie's.

In sum, my seventeen year old sister has jeans that are split up the side of her legs that you have lace up.

She's also a big fan of halter tops.

Ah yes, the halter top...most commonly found on slightly over-weight in-bred women in Appalachia. Typically, the halter top can be seen on women who also sport Daisy Dukes, grown-out perms, shoeless feet and teethless yet "purty" mouths.

No my sister does not fit the bill for the average halter top wearer.

This created a tension that usually reached catharsis when provoked by questions such as "OHMYGOD!! Why are you such a SLUT now???"

She's all grown up now. I guess.

I know she's my sister and I shouldn't be so bothered by it but to put this in context, I am almost 10 years older thann her so I feel more like a 2nd mother to her.

I couldn't help wondering what would happen when my future daughter(s) beg me for tacky clothes.

"Oh sweetie, you don't want to wear that. That's for those girls you see at school who walk bow-legged all the time."

I'll have to think more on that one.

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