June 02, 2005 - 11:16 pm

I've been listening to Elliot Smith a lot since my break-up. Somehow his music and all the sadness he poured into it has the ability to sooth my own hurt.

His story is so tragic. A man..., musician - no, an ARTIST so tormented, so troubled and yet able to produce so much beauty.

They say that he stabbed himself in the heart (twice) before he was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead not long after.

He is so sad. You can hear all of it in his voice, in his guitar. He somehow was able to make sadness an animate tangible entity and not only use it to play the guitar but also to emcompass those sounds that came out of it.

As hard as I try, I'm still sad. About lots of things.

I'm hoping this can go away soon. I'm tired of feeling hollow,

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