November 01, 2005 - 10:37 am

For Kelly.

My halloween weekend SUCKED! First of all, after work on Friday I stopped by the hospital to say hello to my boss who has come down with a sudden case of meningitis. Turns out, it's no longer meningitis, they've elevated his case to St. Louis Encephalitis. As soon as they said "St. Louis" I thought, "Fuck, that can't be good. Usually only really bad shit is named after a place and if a specific kind of brain swelling happens in St. Louis then we should all be pretty scared."

I'm trying to keep my spirits up because in reality he does appear to be getting better, but getting the news that my boss's brain is inflamed and that's what's causing his stuttering and tremors was kinda heavy. It's so odd to see him in this state. He's normally they type of person who you think sticks his fingers in sockets for fun.

At least I had Halloween weekend to cheer me up right? This IS my favorite holiday.


I get home and find out that my spectacular witch costume that I rented from American Conservatory Theatre is missing a piece. (I was going to paint myself green too!)

I don't have my fucking petticoat!


All this effort and no fucking petticoat.

So I couldn't wear my damn awesome costume, instead I wore the same thing I wore last year, and painted myself green anyway.

Which, in reality, the whole point was to have a great costume to go with my green skin. The costume was really just an accessory but I decided this year to make it a little more of a focal point.

See I painted myself green last year and I felt so comfortable and at home in my green skin that I decided from here on out, I'm painting myself green every year on Halloween.

If it weren't for the hassle of doing the make-up every morning, I'd probably be green every day. And while I do live in San Francisco, something like green skin might get a little too much attention, even here.

Saturday night ended up being a bit of a bust. Trust me, I'm usually in bed by 11:00 every night (yes, even weekends) but when I go out I want to GO OUT, know what I mean? I want to flash tourists, steal my own car without paying a valet, climb into cars with total strangers who "seem nice" and get home at 6:30am.

That didn't happen. Instead, I ended up at a random house in North Beach where I hovered over the snack table and finished off an entire cheese ball by myself, just because I thought it would make for a good story of how pathetic my Halloween was.

Did it work? It did, didn't it? Pathetic, I know.

Sunday I cleaned my apartment and then had sushi at my favorite sushi place with my sister and our friend, Truman.

Truman is great company. He's like 4th generation Chinatown Chinese and I love hanging out with him because his family was seriously part of those folks who came here from China and helped build San Francisco's Chinatown. Walking through his old neighborhood he points out his family's 80 year old electric shop that's across the street from his aunt's optometry office that is down the block from the buddhist temple his grandpa helped build. He's like my own living point of historical interest.

Plus, whenever he wants to go eat and says "Hey, wanna go get some Chinese?" and I respond "Yeah, let's GET 'EM!!!" he can laugh about it and not think I'm a racist who wants to go lynch Chinese people. Which I'm not, by the way.

I guess in retrospect, it didn't suck so bad. Could have been a lot worse.

I gotta go return this fucking costume today. FUCK PETTICOATS!

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