August 11, 2002 - 3:08 pm

i think i'm getting tired of living alone. i'm getting bored so much easier now. i think it's time i find a roommate. this would be a lot easier to do if i liked people though.

i've been living alone for about a year. i have an ADORABLE studio in a building that was built in (at the latest) the 1920's. i really like my apartment and i'm not even sure i want to leave because it is sooooooooo fucking cheap.

hmm, plus rent is going up. what to do? maybe i should start looking into one bedrooms?

on a more happier note, in order to combat this boredom i went drinking last night. yup, my evening consisted of going to see Notorious C.H.O., eating at Carrows and then going to Abby and Amy's house with Roger to drink.

First on the list: drunk jenga!

now, unfortunately i don't have the tolerance for liquor that i did about 2 years ago in my college prime. so after 1 shot, a rum and coke and some sips of Abby's martini-in-a-can (i know, we're ghetto), i was feeling it. however, *i* was not the one to knock over the tower! it was amy and she did it right after my turn!

second on the list: lesbian club!

out of the 4 of us, amy and i are straight, abby is a lesbian and roger is gay. don't ask me why we chose a lesbian club because i don't know. although i'm pretty sure when they suggested it, i cheered. and i think i remember amy saying "i'm going to get a lesbo tonight" for which abby punched her. i can't remember but i'm sure i laughed at that. -oh and then i think i ran into a gate.

so we walk to this club and have such a blast. abby and i got up and danced on some crates like the drunken idiots we were. i filled myself on yummy girly drinks like amaretto sours and smirnoff ice's. once again, i was starting to feel like i was in college.

finally the club closes and we decide to all walk back home. as we're walking, abby and i have an encounter with "the man".

or in this case, the shaved-head-woman-she-cop.

abby and i are walking in the drunk-girl-linked-arm way that all chicks end up in at some point or another in their lives and she points to an empty budweiser 24-pack box in the street.

abby: ohmygod! do you think there is a bomb in that box?

annie: i think we should find out.

abby runs into the street and kicks the box as if she were in some 3d grade kick ball game.

annie: okay, i think it's clear.

so we hear amy yelling at us telling us to get out of the street.

annie: oh yeah, we should get out of the street. you know i'm really glad you did that.

abby: me too.

then we hear some people behind us telling us that someone was calling us. we turn around and realize that it's a 5-0, po-po, whatever you want to call it.

po-po bi-atch: hey, do you want to put that box back on the curb.(note: no question mark at the end of that sentence)

abby: it was in the street.

annie (law abiding citizen if any cops are reading this): abby just do what she says. we're so busted. can we get in trouble for being drunk in public here? we're not carrying any drinks.

abby goes into the street and kicks the box into the gutter. the cop is shining her flashlight at us like we're a couple of criminals and i'm thinking 'what the fuck?' so i ask the cop:

annie (in my most sarcastic voice): would you like it on the curb? or is it okay in the gutter?

5-0 ho: gutter is fine.

so abby and i leave and talk about how we hate cops and how they power trip for no fucking reason and how we really should have been given fucking medals because we were putting our lives on the line to make sure that there were no bombs in that budweiser box.

you never know, this day in age. you never know.

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