August 19, 2002 - 9:10 am


dude...dude...i got so fucked up this weekend!


roger invited me to go to this cast party with him. at first i didn't want to go because i remember what the theater people in high school were like...*wavy lines appear as annie flashes back to high school*

you know, i really wasn't in the mood to hang out with a bunch of freaks in trenchcoats speaking with fake british accents and being frighteningly over-dramatic. oh and lets not forget about the heavy make-up.

*annie flashes back to modern day* man those kids were weirdos.

anyhow! roger assured me that these professional actors would not act like this, so i decided to give it a shot.

1 hard lemonade, 1 glass of wine, 2 amaretto sours, 1 cosmopolitan, 1 purple hooter and another glass of wine later i was laughing my ass off while puking at my toilet. i had a blast.

now this doesn't sound like much to drink, but keep in mind that i only weigh about 120 lbs. um, yeah.

know your limits folks!

anyhow, we ended up chatting with this really cool group of people and believe it or not one of them was the lovely Becca from MTV's show "sorority life".

hmm, what to say about her? well, she seems nice enough, she's funny, i guess.

but she did do something that really bothered me. she was very aware of her movements and her facial expressions. does this make sense? it's like she was still on camera or something.

now, i may have been drunk. but i didn't see no cameras.

lets see what else. oh yeah, drinking makes me dance like an idiot.

not to be conceited or anything, but i'm a pretty good dancer. however, when i get drunk i end up doing this thing on the dance floor that...hmmm, how should i explain it?

you know when someone is trying to discretely tell someone else that another person is crazy. they'll point to the crazy person and then kind of point to their own head and twirl their finger around their ear. do you know what i'm talking about?

well imagine doing a little skip dance in a circle, looking at the floor and doing the "she's crazy" hand motion to yourself with both hands.

well, that was me.

abby also decided that it was time to swing dance. i didn't know she could swing dance. she can't swing dance. her idea of swing dancing is literally to swing me from side to side at high speeds. i think i enjoyed that for all of 2 seconds.

i kept going up to roger in front of all his friends and saying "i'm not embarassing you, am iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? hee hee hee!"

to which he would respond "of course not, everyone here loves you. they think you are so much fun!"

he was being so nice.

there were these huge centerpieces with big sunflowers. i think at one point i was wearing one behind my ear. the flower was almost as big as my head, people.

when we got back to my apartment, i was fine. i decided to let abby have these picture frames that i had under my bed (random) but she was rolling around on my floor. she had tried puking twice before me. i was fine.

and then, i was not fine.

i went to the bathroom and puked. i started laughing, (god knows why) and telling roger and abby that my puke was really "projectile". like they needed to know that. like YOU needed to know that.

so there was i, giggling, puking and telling roger that "i'm sorry if i embarassed you tonight" and "i promise i'll be good if you take me to another party, promise". it was a kodak moment, folks. too bad we didn't have a camera.

it was good times, people. good times.

you know, it's a dirty job being the life of the party, but someone's got to do it.

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