June 30, 2002 - 12:45 pm

helloooooooooooo (seinfeld-girlfriend belly button style). i'm a big jerk for not updating aren't i?


okay, well as promised i told ya'll that i would write about getting a piece of ass.

i got some. annie did it. yes, it.

annie put out. she put out way too quickly but, hey. yeah i know, shut up.

in fact annie is currently updating from the house of the lucky man who got some booty.

annie is having second thoughts about sharing this with diaryland.

i had some really good ice cream on friday with my male friend who we will refer to as "bo lockyer". (i just asked him what he wanted to be called and this is what he said. it's his porn name).

NO I'M NOT DATING A PORN STAR!!! but i might has well be.

alright, if you don't want to hear details about bo's skills. skip this next paragraph.

i've never been too much of an oral sex girl. guys just weren't doing it for me. but bo is something else ladies (and gentlemen, because i know that hecka is going to read this). i like bo, i like bo a lot. bo is talented.

alright, i have to go. bo and i are going to go buy crepes for breakfast. then we might go to a museum to look at skulls (yes, he already knows what a geek i am).

i'm also stealing bo's fleece sweats. don't tell him.

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