July 01, 2002 - 3:16 pm

i really really really wish i was at home right now. i could be snuggled in my sheet's with "bo lockyer" instead of sitting in front of this stupid computer.

you know what sucks? or something that i think is going to suck a little bit? bo's last girlfriend ripped his heart out. badly. i know he's over it but now she's being dramatic. lame. get over it. seriously, you made your bed now sleep in it. WITHOUT HIM! HA HA HA HA!

i'm sorry. i've been really nice to everyone today, i have to be mean at one point at least, right?

he made me laugh for like half an hour straight last night. he's got a great sense of humor and we totally just build on eachother's stupidity. we're such geeks.

did i mention, how good he is in the sack?

i'm enjoying this. i hope he is too. he's so nice. i couldn't get my car window fixed because i had to be at work all day and he was super sweet and offered to take it in for me. so nice.

i'm not used to having someone be sooooooo nice to me. it hasn't happened in awhile. he expects nothing. but that's okay because i give it up.

did i just write that out loud?

heh heh.

in other news, i'm excited about being able to go and visit my family this weekend. i haven't seen my aunts and cousins since like late march. it'll be nice to hang out with them.

i'm tired. i feel weird too. now that there is stuff going on in my life i feel like i have nothing to write about. i mean, i'm pretty sure you guys don't want all the details. i'm KIDDING! but anyhow, all i ever wrote about before was stuff like grocery shopping and watching tv. you know? really cool stuff.

now, i'm kind of at a loss. i think i might take a little break.

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