July 08, 2002 - 8:29 pm

i have finally received my boiled peanuts that booga had promised me for awhile.

in fact, she sent me quite a fun package. a very sweet note, some bertie bott's every flavor beans, a can of boiled peanuts, and charleston chew. i et the charleston two in about a minute and a half. the peanuts i'm currently eating.

i have to say, i am sooooo glad that i developed an obsession with these things. they are well worth obsessing over. they're like nothing i've ever tasted before. they're peanuts, but boiled (imagine that!). they taste like peanuts but have the consistency of a black bean. very interesting.


nothing funny. i just like peanuts.

i'm supposed to save some for the boyfriend unit to taste when he comes over but i'm being greedy and really liking 'em. oh well, i already found me a recipe to make 'em online. the boyfriend might just get the homemade kind.

now, if i can only get me some cheese curds, *ahem*.

speaking of which, if there is anything that any of you folks enjoy eating from the U.S. i can send ya'll packages!

these boiled peanuts is good.

speaking of which "raising arizona" is now one of my new favorite movies. i looooooved it.

okay, peeps so, i'm like soooo online right now and no one else is. that ain't allowed.

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