July 17, 2002 - 3:45 pm

today i had lunch with roger. i told him if i get married he's definitely a runner up for maid-of-honor. i'm not joking, he said he was touched and that if they allowed gay marriages in our state, i would definitely be in his wedding as well. i got all veclempt but at the same time i was a little hurt. i mean the whole illegality (is that a word?)of gay marriages thing upsets me all the time. i dont think it's right to deny anyone a fucking marriage. i don't care if you see it as a perversion of nature, some people are in love and i dont think love is gender biased. thank you very much.

i mean if you're into that sort of holy union thing, you should be able to do it, no matter what. are they fucking trying to tell me that homosexuals aren't religious? or spiritual? i mean, i'm not very big on religion but to attempt to withold spirituality or religion from certain people because society disapproves of what or who they do behind closed doors is ridiculous. give me a fucking break. what the FUCK is up with that shit? people piss me off.

but ya'll don't want to hear me rant about that stuff, because i can go on for days, believe me. anyhow, here is what roger and i really talked about today during lunch. we talked about anal sex.

(i wonder how many google hits i'm going to get for this one, EH?)

that's right anal sex. now, why anal sex is often illegal is beyond me, completely. i just can't figure it out. is it an attempt to "hold the gay man down". because if it is, that's bullshit! i just don't get it. the main reason that doesn't make sense is because 1. EVERYONE WANTS ANAL SEX! it's not just a homosexual "thing" anymore. almost all men i know want it. does this mean they're gay? not at all. so what is the point of making a sexual act illegal mainly because you think it's a sexual act that "deviants" commit. as far as i know, anal sex shouldn't be something that's associated with only homosexuals anymore, because believe me, there are plenty of straight men that want to tour their girlfriends fudge tunnel.

now i know girls get all squeamish about this sort of thing and this is my humble advice (by the way, i'm not an active anal-sexer-upper so you can completely ignore what i'm saying) GET OVER IT. geez louise it's your fucking poop chute, that's all. at some point or other i think EVERYONE TRIES IT.

have i tried it? yes.

have i done it again since then? no. would i try it again? yes. sure, i dont really give a fuck, but it won't just be with anyone.

the only thing that i really have with it, is that it has to be someone i trust and care about. i mean, i'll have sex with ANYONE, just about. but anal sex, that's a little more deep.

okay, well i won't really have sex with anyone, i was just trying to sound ho-licious, like so many other girls on diaryland. but my point is that anal sex, to me at least, is much more intimate and private than regular sex.

which is why i'm discussing it on a public diary.

hey do ya'll remember that eddie murphy song "party all the time"? i have that freaking song in my head, goddamit! something is not functioning in my upper echelon piece if you know what i'm sayin.

today has been weird, if i wasn't singing "my girl want's to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiiiiiiiime" then i was singing "sha-la-la-la-la-la my-oh-my look at the boy too shy, don't want to kiss the girl. sha-la-la-la-la-la ain't that sad? ain't that a shame too bad, he gonna miss the girl".

what's wrong with me you guys? no really. what is it? is there some sort of disease where your brain convinces you to sing eddie murphy and little mermaid songs? and if so, why doesn't george bush have it, because that would be funny.

alright, peace out my brutha's and sistah's. this entry was RAN-dom, wasn't it. <--notice there is no question mark after that last question. please take that to mean that, although i love you all deeply, you don't have to answer that question and remind me of what a fruitloop i am. i know i'm random. i get it from my mamma.

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