October 29, 2003 - 2:38 pm

The following entry is inspired by a discovery i made Friday night as well as a conversation i had with lindsey yesterday.

See saturday night while i was helping Eli clean his room and catching bits and pieces of what was on the tv i started yapping (i know, BIG surprise, huh?)

annie: you know, that new girl in black eyes peas. she looks really familiar. i know i've seen her somewhere before.

eli: who? fergie?

annie: yes, fergie. what kind of a fucking name is fergie any- OH. MY. GOD.

eli: what? what??

annie: i think i just realized who she is. i think she was the girl from kids incorporated.

eli: are you serious?

annie: yes, dead, i think so. i'm pretty sure its her. AND! her name is renee or stacey or something like that, but her last name is ferguson. ooooh, i bet you that's her!

eli: see, i never really liked them too much and this really does nothing for their credibility to be honest.

annie: yeah, wow. oh my god, i can't believe she's in fucking black eyed peas.

i then sit down to eli's computer and start doing some web research and sure enough it turns out to be true. i read the BEP website and they talk about how her real name is Stacey and will.i.am discovered her in some club where she was break dancing or something like that.

Hard to believe that little puffy blonde on Kids Inc. who once did the "molly ringwald dance" like nobody's bi'ness was now breakdancing in the underground hip-hop scene of L.A.

A little too hard to believe. if you know what i mean. (if you don't know what i mean, i'm saying i don't believe it, people)

Anyhow, in addition to finding all sorts of interesting information about Stacey, (she's from Hacienda Heights a suburb, not Los Angeles as the website says), i found some great pictures.

i call the following "From Stacey to "Fergie": The Voyage of a Wannabe

Hi I'm Stacey, i'm on the right. I like miniskirts, floofy hair and side ponytails. I'm from the southern california suburbs!

Yo, Yo! I be "Fergie" the newest member of Black Eyed Peas. I'm from da streets of L.A. and i like to break, yo! Don't be fooled, i'm half Latina!

I'm in the middle in this picture. Oh, i look like such a silly goose! This picture totally shows how much i love diversity though. See, there's a black boy on my left and a gay boy on my right and i'm still totally comfortable.

Here i am wit' my boyz. i'm the only girl in the picture. yeah, this is me, you gotta problem? yeah, didn't think so.


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