August 22, 2002 - 11:34 am

i think there is something i'm supposed to be doing at work right now...

i don't care!


don't mind me, i've just had too much caffeine.

now, that i've admitted i'm from california, i can start telling stories about my wonderful homestate and the things that make it unique.

first on that list, See's Candies.

My personal favorite products are the Little Pops and my favorite flavor is Caffe Latte, hence the coffee buzz.

Now, I don't know if these have caffeine in them or not, but I'm pretty much willing to bank on it considering i'm bouncin' off the walls right now.

and guess what?

some of the candies are kosher certified, for our jewish friends!

a funny thing about See's though is that they're kind of stuck in a time warp. The company was started in Los Angeles (WOO WOO! MY BIRTHPLACE!) in 1921 and basically all the employee's still dress like they're out of the Roaring 20's.

0h my god! i just got such a great idea! i'm going to work at See's so i can be a See's candy worker for Halloween!!!

OH MY GOD! NO WAIT! I JUST GOT A BETTER IDEA! hmm, i dont even know if i should tell you it's such a good idea.

but because i love you guys, i will.

i'm going to apply for a job at hot dog on a stick! and be one of those employees for halloween!!!

What's Hot Dog on a Stick you say?

that will have to be next on our "unique things about California series".

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