September 03, 2002 - 11:08 am

hi everybooty, i'm back.

the three day weekend was nice but not long enough, as usual.

i watched the VMA's this weekend at my boyfriends house because i don't have cable and he does.

i had called him thursday and sarcastically asked him

annie:"you recorded the VMA's for me tonight right? i'm not sure if they'll re-run it and i missed it."

edgecomb: "yeah, i don't think they're going to show it THREE THOUSAND TIMES THIS WEEKEND"

o-kay, got it. tee hee.

anyhow, so i got up and watched the awards on saturday afternoon. i missed the bruce sprinsteen performance but from what i know of bruce springsteen this probably doesn't make any difference. i wouldn't have been able to understand a word he was saying anyhow, i'm sure.

i thought jimmy fallons' opening was one of the better ones i've seen in my life. but i'm a little biased considering i'm a little obsessed with him (just a little). but yeah, when he was making fun of nelly and asking him if he needed a "sweaterrrrr" i laughed out loud. the avril imitation was kinda lame, i mostley enjoyed her reaction to it though (even though i can't stand avril lavigne, damn canadians). the dave matthews was okay, but i've seen jimmy imitate dave matthews before, so no biggie. the enrique thing was a little over the top, but still kinda funny.

now, i know that anna kournakova speaks english and whatnot but i couldn't help noticing how confused she looked throughout the whole show and how enrique was always leaning over and saying things to her in her ear. was he translating? was he saying "let us get out of here and make the sweet love?" what was going on there? at times when the camera would flash to them, i would look over at my boyfriend and say crap like "that's P. DI-DDY, Anna. he's what american's call a RAP-PER. can you say RAP-PER? GOOOOD."

did anyone else think that michael jackson was jimmy fallon in disguise and that it was a big fat joke MTV was playing on everyone?

jennifer love huge-tits got to introduce pink. in addition to having boobies and being a bimbo, jennifer has now bribed MTV into titling her a "singer/songwriter".

despite the teeny-bopper, sorority girl obsession with Pink, i actually liked her performance and have a lot of respect for her as a singer. i think she's really talented.

(what sorority girl obsession, you ask?no really, just check out the sorority life homepage. in fact, the girl who makes me think of the most ugliest girl on earf, candace, really has a thing for Pink. so does jordan, in case you're wondering).

okay i can't remember the exact sequence of this but i think ja rule/ashanti/nas were the next performers. ja rule can't rap (and i'm pretty sure he was lip-synching) and ashanti can't sing. i get the feeling they pre-recorded in a rehearsal, but that just goes to show that some people just suck.

why are they even asking ja rule to come back after last year? has everyone forgotten how absolutely HORRIBLE him and j.lo sounded? and ashanti? good god, no talent whatsoever! people like this make me so disheartened with the music business nowadays. you really don't have to do much to become a star.

i was really happy to see steve-o, bam and johnny knoxville from jackass. why? because that was probably the best show that MTV ever aired, in my opinion.

Shakira? eh. i used to be a big fan, i fall into that minority that really doesn't want her to succeed in the U.S. it might be too late for that now though. anyhow, i'd really prefer for her to go back to writing her spanish music. it's seriously just so much better. the lyrics are better, the music is better and i seriously think that her voice even sounds better in spanish. she doesn't do that kermit the frog "i'll be neeeeer" thing in spanish.

Avril Lavigne won for best new artist? hmm, yeah, i'm sure we're going to hear LOTS from her later on. she's yesterday's news already. the only reason she won is because MTV is pushing her harder than an undercover CIA agent pushes crack in the ghetto. i'm not impressed with her at all.

Eminem's performance. here's the deal, i think eminem is a very talented rapper. but if he were really as much of a badass as he likes to think he is, he wouldn't be performing on MTV. ya smell me? i thought it was funny that he talked about his anger management classes though.

P.Diddy, eh. he's not really a good rapper and is anyone else a little tired of all these "i'm still heart broken about j.lo songs"?

"i need a girl to ride, ride, ride"

"i wish you woulda had my child, a pretty little girl with Diddy style"

"that is what i need, is a pretty woman next to me. someone who truly understands, how to treat a man, this is what i need"

we get it! your biological clock is ticking puffy! sheesh, enough already.

longing-for-companionship songs are to p. diddy what coming-of-age songs are to britney. am i right or am i right? i'm right.

i think in a perfect world DMX (who is not from Oakland like some morons {me} thought) would have won for best rap video for "who we be". i like the song, i like the lyrics and i really liked the video. but unfortunately, eminem's joke of a rap video won. why? because he is MTV's favorite! no matter how much he tries to tell you they hate him.

Rudy Giuliani. Were those boo's i heard from the audience? because i know my boyfriend and i were booing in his living room, but i'm not sure if i heard boo's coming from the audience as well. interesting, very interesting. you're old news, rudy. i guess everyone remembers that this time exactly last year, everyone still hated you. we're not impressed with you for having done your fucking job anymore. awww.

and you know what's worse? is having sheryl crow sing whatever song she sang, horribly. normally i have some respect for her. but i lost a lot when she gave into the pop commercialization that MTV did of one of our nation's worst tragedies. you remember that saying "sex sells"? well, it makes me cry that nowadays "september 11 sells".

sometimes i hate the media. actually, almost all the time.

justin timberlake. who are you? seriously now, what do you want to be? do you want to dress like all your bandmates? do you want to assert yourself within the band? do you want to even be in the band? do you think you can sing? you can dance, i'll give you that much. but quit pretending to be michael jackson.

when jimmy fallon introduced the olsen twins and said that he didn't like to play favorites and then gave thumbs up for ashley olsen, i was rolling on the floor. tee hee, jimmy, you're so funny!

by the way, in case any of you are wondering, they are fraternal!!!

guns-n-roses, hmm. it was weird and exciting but i dont think axl sounded that good. (did anyone really?) not to mention he was fucking high out of his mind. same old gnr, i guess.

nothing really blew my mind. nothing has in a long time really. i dont think i've really been impressed with this show since the Beastie Boys performed "intergalactic" with just some orange jumpsuits, and mix master mike (he's from where i live!) on top of a very small set of tv's.

ah, the good old days.

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